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Petrie Real Estate Pty Ltd, the “Local Agent”

Providing professional and personalised service with integrity and sincerity. Coming from humble beginnings on the roundabout in Petrie, we have built an Agency that we are very proud of. Kimberly started as the Receptionist and gained education and qualifications. She then continued her professional development to obtain her registration as a Sales Person and started in Property Management. Kimberly is now our Principal Licensee and has worked hard to establish a name for herself in the area. Our team has been built on the basis of a Family business. Tanya joined us in 2001 and has been with us since. Tanya has a large referral base which has seen her go from strenght to strength. Christie joined our team in 2018 and has built her experience in Property Management. Together we worked hard to build the business you see today.

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